Weed and Pest Control


Club Root & Weed Management

Every property owner is responsible to prevent the spread of all invasive species (Noxious Weeds), our weed inspector has the authority to request that you spray if a problem exists. If you do not comply, the RM can do the work & charge the property. DO NOT remove or transport hay containing Noxious Weeds.  Clubroot has become apparent in our area, so everyone is to follow Provincial Protocol & eliminate spread.

The Canola Council also has a good article and can be found here.


This weed is designated as a Noxious Weed in the Province of Saskatchewan. It can be found on road sides and pastures.  Although not as big a problem in land used for annual grain production, it can take over a pasture in a very short time, suffocating tame and native grass species.  If you think this weed is on or near your property, quick action to eradicate this weed will be well worth the effort. This link will help you identify this weed, not to be confused with “sand rocket”.



Many pesticides have been discontinued this year including Mouse & Rat Oat Bait.


Gophers are a pest that are responsible for a great deal of crop damage some years.  Gopher poison usually can be purchased at the RM office, but there is none available at this time.


Beavers can cause big problems for grain and pasture land as well as disrupting water flow at road allowances.  To that end we are listed as part of the provincial Beaver Control Program.  Follow Provincial regulation with respect to hunting or trapping of beavers.


The Municipality has a rat control program that is partially funded by the Province.  A pest control officer visits every yard-site each year to inspect for rat infestations and delivers rat control product when necessary.  Product can also be obtained at the RM office.

Ratak pellets in small portion bags are available at the office.