Roads and Gravel

Road Services

Our road maintenance operators are kept very busy maintaining roads throughout the year. Our first priority is main roads and school bus routes.  You will need to make arrangements to keep your own lane-way or driveway open, especially during the stormy winter months. It can take 3-4 days to cover the entire RM provided all 3 graders are running.

We follow the Provincial Highways moving regulations regarding cutting along road allowances, and ask that you NOT leave any cut hay, debris or snow from your lane-way on our road top. It makes it very difficult for graders to work with.

Thank-You for abiding by road weight limits when weather conditions warrant.  See permits for detailed information on weight limits and bans.

ATV’s are NOT ALLOWED to tear up road allowance or private property, & please be respectful when passing horses, riders, buggies and pedestrians.



Rate payers are able to purchase gravel through the RM for their own use. You must first obtain a Purchase Order Number (PO#) from the office. Use that PO# when ordering your gravel. You will be billed the RM’s cost.

Please contact G & C Asphalt for questions regarding pricing & delivery estimates (306) 445-2256