Other FAQs

  • What hours is the RM office open?
    9:00AM-4:00PM Tuesday to Friday
  • Will the grader remove the snow from my laneway when plowing?
    After a storm, all municipal roads are done first. When they are caught up,(3 days or more) they may be hired at our discretion. Waivers need to be completed and the custom rate applies. Contact the office.
    When will the grader plow our road?
    Because it takes 3 days or more to complete the RM, the plow may not be your way immediately following a storm.
  • How can I pay my taxes/invoice electronically?
    We are setup for etransfers to rm438@sasktel.net.
    We are also setup at Innovation Credit Union as a “Payee”. Instructions can be found here.
  • I would like to purchase gravel. Does the RM sell gravel?
    The RM does not sell gravel, however, you can obtain a PO# from the office and order the gravel. The RM will be invoiced at our cost and this will be passed on to you.